Since I was young I have always viewed the world as a work of art. I would look at a simple flower or leaf dancing across the sky and see the beauty and purity of nature. I do not look past these mundane objects, but instead use them as an inspiration. I started my journey on a blank canvas. In high school, I had a deep passion for drawing and painting. I fell in love with recreating the earth’s vibrant colors on paper, as well capturing the beauty of the human features. This passion grew as I discovered that a canvas does not have to just be a piece of paper. My canvas became people.

   I achieved my License in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Makeup Artistry, and Eyelash Extensions. I now have 12 years of experience in the beauty industry. Due to my skills and attention to detail, I am known throughout Berkshire County for my quality makeup art, wedding services, up-dos, and specialty in hair coloring. As an artist, I do not stop drawing or painting until my vision is complete down to the very last detail. This has transpired as a hair stylist and makeup artist.

I focus all my energy on completing each work of art until I know that the client will look in the mirror each day with an involuntary smile. Since I began working in the beauty industry, I realized how satisfying it is for me to see the client look at themselves and realize that they are beautiful. My goal is to enhance each client’s unique features so they can feel confident both inside and out. My time with my clients is a positive and uplifting experience for both of us. I bond with everyone that I work on and spend time with.

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